Founded in 1917 as the first manufacturer of filter papers in Japan, the Advantec Group has continued on a steady path for ninety years.During that time the group has built up its organization by expanding operations and improving its system to include the following:Toyo Roshi Kaisha, Ltd., which is firmly established in the industry as a manufacturer of filter papers A newly established Scientific Equipment Division, which has grown into the group company Toyo Seisakusho Kaisha, Ltd.The split off Sales Division, Advantec Toyo Kaisha, Ltd. forms the core company of the Advantec Group Establishment of a sales arm in the United States which has grown into the group company ADVANTEC MFS,INC., a US corporation

Through our advanced technology and overall service, our group currently enjoys a great reputation among corporations and research institutes in all fields, including such high-tech industries as biotechnology, the environment, and IT.Utilizing our sound technology backed by a wealth of experience coupled with our expansive network, our group hopes to continue to provide excellent products in order to meet the diversifying needs of the times.

And working as a general filter manufacturer unprecedented anywhere in the world, we will further expand our commercial capabilities, including our own products and products of top manufacturers in Japan and abroad to become Japan's leading dealer of scientific instruments.
Meeting all conceivable needs through our development, manufacturing and sales activities, we of the Advantec Group, maintain a broad outlook toward the future, and hope to enhance people's lives while conserving the natural environment.


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